Together we can turn one in five into NONE in five

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Our difference

We can’t change what we don’t understand.

The underfunding of mental illness research over the past 50 years means that disorder diagnosis and subsequent treatment options lacks precision. Too many people lack the answers they need. We need to change this.

We are on a mission to cure mental illnesses by funding ground breaking discovery research into the causes of mental disorders. The more research we fund, the better chance we have to improve diagnosis, personalise treatments options and hopefully one day even cure mental illnesses.

How we started


It started with one. It will end with none.

On New Year’s Day 2001, a creative, intelligent young man named Matt Wardlaw succumbed to mental illness. The pain of his illness had become so intolerable he was driven to take his own life. Matt’s tragic yet all too common story inspired a group of his friends and family to come together and address one of Australia’s biggest health issues – mental illness.


One in Five launched

Matt Wardlaw's family & friends start One in Five with the vision to tackle this major health issue and turn One in Five into None in Five.


Partnership with Prof Suresh Sundram

The Wardlaw's were introduced to Prof Suresh Sundram, an up and coming Psychiatrist and leader in Mental Health Research. This
clandestined meeting started a life long partnership in research which has lead to a number of significant scientific breakthroughs in schizophrenia and complex mental disorders.

Prof Sundram is Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Prof Suresh Sundram heads the Translational Molecular Psychiatry and the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Mental Health research.

Prof Suresh Sundram


The Extreme Challengers

For people living with mental distress, their thoughts and emotions can be quite extreme at times. This lead to the create of Extreme fundraising eg. Extreme Hats, Extreme Shoes, and Extremely Long lunches!

An intrepid group of individuals decided to take this one step further, they created the Extreme Challenge. Initially tackling the Kokoda Trail for over 10 years this incredible team of volunteers challenged themselves to cross country triatholons, marathons and more recently ultra-marathons at the Surf Coast Century. Collectively they raised over $500,00.

If you would like to set your own challenge - let us know.

Fundraise for One in Five


The Bolt Blowers Invitational

From little things, big things grow.

In 2006 a small group of friends got together to surf and raise awareness for mental health, today this even has grown to be the 2nd largest Surf Comp Event in Australia.

Through out their journey, they have provided a much needed helping hand to One in Five through their donations, networks and support.


Scientific breakthroughs

Research takes time, but in 2013 our fabulous researchers began making great stride forward. Genetic influencers now confirmed as a key risk indicator.


One in Five a tax deductible charity

A major milestone. After 13 years, One in Five is now able to offer tax deductible receipts for donors.


HOPE Launched

March 2020 was the start of COVID lockdowns. In response to not being able to host any face to face events, One in Five launched our inaugural campaign of HOPE.

100% of profits raised from this campaign has been donated to medical research


A/Prof Rachel Hill funded

With COVID everpresent, A/Professor Rachel Hill wanted to understand if the COVID virus would impact neonatal brain development in pregnant mothers.

One in Five funded this very innovative piece of research and is already uncovering links between viral infection and brain development. Today, we have over 80 mothers and babies in this project.


Launched - McIver/One in Five Research Fellowship

We were honoured to announce our inaugural McIver/One in Five senior research fellowship's recipient - A/Professor Jess Nithiantharajah, Head of Synapse Biology and Cognation Laboratory at The Florey


Women's Mental Health Lunch

Women are twice as likely than men to experience a mental disorder and are three times more likely to be admitted to hospital due to mental distress or self harm.

And, post the pandemic evidence has proven that the mental health impacts on Women (particularly younger women) was more significant than on any other group of individuals. We decided it was time to give these women a voice. In June we hosted our inaugural Women's Mental Health lunch.

Meet the board

Lou Wardlaw - Founder

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Gabrielle Sheehan - Chair

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Julian Ryan - Secretary

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Kristen Altamura

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Mietta Gibson

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Bruce Williams

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Dr Nico Clark - Medical Director

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Phil McCormack

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