Yvette Mystakas

Yvette started sharing her story in 2015 ago when she started to experience post natal depression.  

Her story is raw and at times confronting, but it is her story and one that so many women can connect to.  Her mental health journey started before she even realised low self esteem, unhealthy relationship, an eating disorder ... all laddering up to a more acute presentation of self harm and suicidal behaviours.

On June 6th 2018, she posted a message on her Instagram:
"I have lost count of how many times I have thought about giving up during the last four years. I have felt so ashamed that I have not only thought about it but I have been so disgusted than I have ended up in hospital twice for attempting suicide.  When the first time I ended up in a psych ward..."

On May 13th 2018, Yvette openly expressed why she needed medication to help her manage anxiety and depression in an effort to help destigmatise the role clinical treatments can play in reducing her symptoms and give her time to focus on feeling better. 

Today she continues to challenge us the be brave enough to share our mental health realities.

To learn more about Yvette - visit her instagram @yvettemystakas.