We urgently need your help to have Medical Research included in the Royal Commission.

Premier Daniel Andrew’s is delivering his election promise to establish a Royal Commission into Mental Health.

Currently, the focus of the Royal Commission is on finding solutions for the Victorians who are at risk of suicide and on raising public awareness about mental health as an issue. Disappointingly, the Terms of Reference engagement questionnaire actively excludes Medical Research as a priority.

Without medical research, we will not be able to accelerate our understanding as to why disease occurs and how to improve diagnosis and treatment options.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to improve the outcomes for everyone living with mental health issues. It’s time to invest in Medical Research.

Why fund research?

Through Medical Research, we can:

  • Achieve better diagnoses
  • Improve current treatments
  • Find earlier interventions
  • Identify preventions
  • Unlock cures for mental illness

Up to 5 million Australians (one in five Australians) are living with a mental illness. In 2018 the Australian Government only invested approximately $1.15* for each individual affected.

This is less than 1%* of the total expenditure on Mental Illness.

How you can help

Have your say. Consultation processes will close on January 27th. As a supporter of ONE IN FIVE, we are asking you to take a few moments of your time to visit the online survey and express your support for including Medical Research in the terms of reference:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Go to Question 2 and include – “Please include Medical Research”
  3. Go to Question 3 and include – “We urgently need better medical knowledge.  Medical research can help to unlock better diagnosis, treatments and potentially one day cures for mental disorders.  People living with mental illness deserve better answers and more effective solutions.”

This should only take a few moments, and will make a huge difference to the outcomes for those suffering from mental illness, not only in the short-term. Together, we can change the face of mental illness.

Thank you very much.



Gabrielle Sheehan
Chairperson | ONE IN FIVE




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