Ready to run? Start training with Brodie Sharpe today.

Are you currently training for a marathon? Planning on running in the Surf Coast Century? Achieve your best running performance by training with Brodie Sharpe from the Breakthrough Running Clinic.

Brodie is offering ONE IN FIVE supporters ongoing $20 group classes, which can also be claimed on private health insurance. Any profit he receives from our members, plus any friend/family they bring along will be generously donated to ONE IN FIVE.

Classes are run on Tuesdays at 8pm, Thursdays at 8pm, and Saturdays at 7am.


There are three types of classes:

  1. Back on Track month: Balance and foundation strength. 10 stations, 4 mins per station, 10 mins stretches at the end
  2. Load ‘Em Up month: Slow but heavy exercises, increase capacity 6 stations 7 mins per station, 10 mins stretches.
  3. HIIT & Run month: high intensity, increase cardio, plyometrics. 2 laps of 10 stations 90 seconds on 30 seconds rest. 10 mins stretches at the end.


This offer is available until the 21st of September, when our Extreme Challengers Run the Surf Coast Century!

Check out his website for more information.

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Who is Brodie?

I started running in 2015 after my sister suggested we train for a half marathon. Four months later I ran his first half marathon and 3 months following completed my first marathon in 3 hours 58 minutes. Recently, I have settled into medium distance trail races and several half marathons including races in Switzerland & Amsterdam.

Running became a part of my life very quickly and I started recognising a deep passion for assessing or treating runners in the clinic. Over the years growth in my clinical skills came through several physiotherapy running courses, literature research & qualifications as a run coach. 

Knowing how critical strengthening is for running performance and prevention of running related injuries I have created a 1 hour circuit class tailored for this purpose. The class addresses flexibility, relative strength, endurance, plyometrics and balance. All these areas are crucial for running performance.

It is my mission for everyone to get back to pain free running and not let injury (or the fear of injury) dictate what running distance or pace you want. Injuries can flatten motivation and reoccurring injuries can be very frustrating. However, with a comprehensive look into your running and a structured management plan in place you can have your running freedom back. 

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