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Our Ambassadors

ONE IN FIVE acknowledges and values the enormous contribution our Ambassadors make to our ongoing funding of medical research to help find a cure for mental illness.

We thank our Ambassadors for the long-term commitment they and their companies have made in sharing our goal of turning one in five into none in five. We also thank our Ambassadors for their understanding of the challenges faced by sufferers of mental illness and their willingness to continue to work with us.

Meet our Ambassador
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has been a regular face on Australian television screens for decades on shows such as Frontline, The Secret Life of Us, Cloudstreet and Redfern Now. He is well known for this role in the hit Australian film The Castle, as well as his portrayal of Graham Kennedy in The King.

Stephen is an AFI award winner, Silver Logie award winner, Marcellin College year seven spelling champion 1988 and in 2008 he appeared on ‘Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?’. Whilst he proved that there’s a red-hot chance he isn’t even smarter than a first grader, his efforts contributed $50,000 to the ONE IN FIVE cause! He still claims to this day that ONE IN FIVE founding member Tim Wardlaw being in the audience put him off his game. We don’t buy it for a second.

Stephen’s proud association with ONE IN FIVE goes back to the very early days of our existence and he promises that if he’s ever invited back on a game show he’ll (quote-unquote) ‘proudly donate all my winnings to the cause, but I only pray for ONE IN FIVE'S sake it’s not another general knowledge quiz.’

‘If it is’ he adds, ‘we’re all stuffed.’

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Meet our Ambassador
Bernard Curry

Bernard Currie made his professional acting debut in 1990 when he was sixteen, and has not looked back since. Since his first big tv role as Michael Logan in SNOWY, Bernie has graced our screens countless times; Blue Heelers, Neighbours, Monster House, Packed to the Rafters, Home and Away, NCIS, and Wentworth, to name a few. He has also been a star of the silver screen, performing lead roles in Bordering on Bad Behaviour with Tom Sizemore, and Impact Earth with Tom Berenger.  He has just commenced shooting the new Australian Drama for channel 10 titled My Life is Murder, working alongside the incredibly talented Lucy Lawless of “Xena-Warrior Princess” fame.

Bernie has also continued to play regularly in the band Johnny Wonderpants that he started about 25 years ago with his brother Andy, playing pubs, corporate events, sporting events, weddings, and parties… not to mention our Extremely Long Lunch. 

Bernie has held numerous hosting roles, having emceed countless charity and corporate events, including events for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Cricket Australia, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Spiegeltent, and of course, hosting our Extremely Long Lunch.

We are so thankful for his ongoing support, and are looking forward to what we can accomplish together in the future. 

If you or your organisation would like to become a Patron of ONE IN FIVE, please follow the link below.

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