Meet the board

Our board comprises of talented and passionate professionals who recognise we have a long way to go if we are to truly change the face
of mental illness. 
Our mission is to raise awareness of the critical role medical research plays in unlocking the answers needed to find better treatments and potential for preventions and cures for mental illnesses.

gabrielle sheehan

Gabrielle Sheehan


Gabrielle joined One In Five in 2015 and became the Chair in 2016. 

With over 20 years commercial experience across Australia and the UK, spanning leadership, brand & marketing strategy, sponsorship, advertising and consulting, she brings a passionate belief that it is possible to find answers for people living with complex mental illness - we just need to invest in the understand the why illness occurs and how we can prevent it.

mietta gibson

Mietta Gibson

Mietta joined One In Five in 2019 bringing her infectious enthusiasm for driving positive culture and building resilient teams.  Not only does she bring her professional expertise regarding the workplace mental health challenge, but she is passionate about connecting others to the opportunity of rethinking our approach to mental illness. 

Mietta is our philanthropy and fundraising champion.

sean mcguire

Sean McGuire

Sean joined One In Five in late 2019 as our Secretary.  

He brings with him a wealth of experience as a lawyer and trade marks specialist.  During his professional time, he acts for both public and private sector organisations both locally and internationally.  Not only does to lead the charge in ensuring we deliver best practice governance, he is working with the Board to ensure we are able to grow our mission with integrity.

Sean is our champion of best practice in running a volunteer not for profit

phil mccormack

Phil McCormack


Phil has been a long time supporter of One In Five advocating for our mission to increase awareness for the importance of mental illness research.  We were excited to welcome Phil to our Board at the end of 2019.    

He is an accomplished senior executive who has led global M&A / VC teams in Banking, Consulting and Technology companies in Asia, Latin America, North America and Australia.  He brings his wealth of board experience (tech start ups and asx listed companies) along with his talents in commercial strategy and government relations. 

Phil is guiding our commercial strategy and strengthening our capabilities

Kristen Altamura

Director & Operations lead

Kristen joined One In Five as our first operations lead in 2017.  Her wealth of business development experience in the NFP sector has been instrumental in improving our operational excellence.  More recently, Kristen joined our board to drive our grants and donor engagement programme.  She is specifically interested in seeing advancements in mental illness treatments to ensure treatment resistant individuals can find the answers they critically need.

Kristen is responsible for grants and donor engagement.

Samantha Reidy


Samantha Reidy joined our Board in May 2019.   

Samantha brings a rich experience in people & team performance.  She is passionate about the importance of people & culture as central to successful businesses.  Her natural gift for empathy and motivating people ensures that we have wonderful board member helping to navigate our volunteer engagement strategy as we continue to grow. She is passionate about shaping the future of mental illness and strongly believes we’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to understanding mental illness and wants to change that.

Samantha is our culture & volunteer strategy champion 

Bruce Williams


After helping One In Five to successfully create our first advertising campaign in Oct 2019 - "One to None", Bruce's infectious belief in the power of medical research to change the face of mental illness made him a very compelling addition to our board.

As a Creative Director with over 20 years experience in advertising, Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge from working with an enviable list of many of the world's most enduring brands.  He is passionate about big ideas and expressing these as simply as possible.   Today he leads the creative team at Bastion Brands - a specialist health brands communications agency.  His talent is for connecting the complexity of science to everyday emotions and encouraging people to rethink what might assumed as obvious. 

Bruce is our chief storytelling and messaging champion.  

Danae Conway


Danae became our Treasurer in October 2019.  She is a CPA and a Masters of Accounting.   

As a mum of a young daughter, Danae is well aware of the importance of doing everything possible to protect the mental wellbeing of our next generation.  Recognising that so many others haven't had this opportunity, her hope is that by investing in research we will create the breakthroughs that will enable anyone with mental illness to have access to personalise care and treatments into the future. 

Danae ensures the integrity of our finances.

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