Footy fans, be sure to enter ONE IN FIVE's inaugural AFL Footy Tipping Competition.

For just $45 per person, you can have fun, win prizes, and raise money for mental health research. It's win-win!

Support the great game, and help us turn ONE into NONE.


How to enter:

  1. Entry is $45 per person. Entry can be paid through our Paypal link. If your PayPal account name differs from the name you will be tipping under, please write your name in the Notes section during checkout so that you can be identified.
  2. Sign up on the official AFL Footy tipping website or visit the site and use our competition code: 5MVTWHKX
  3.  You're ready to start tipping, it's that simple!


And now, the fun part! We will be awarding prizes to the top three scorers of the season, as well as awarding a weekly prize.


Weekly prize:

Each week, you have an opportunity to win a ONE IN FIVE Keep Cup!

To win, just be the highest scoring tipper for the week! 

If there are two or more entrants with equal highest score for a round, then the weekly prize for that round will be awarded to the tied entrant with the lowest margin difference for the margin game of that round.

Rounds 12, 13, and 14 are split rounds, hence there will be no weekly prize for these weeks. 


Major Prizes:

Major prizes will be awarded to those in first, second, and third place at the end of the season.

3rd place will be awarded $50, 2nd place will win $150, and the lucky 1st place will take home $300! 


There will also be a Wooden Spoon prize, awarded to the entrant with the lowest score at the end of the season. This one is going to be a surprise! 



Good luck to everyone, and happy footy season!


Unless otherwise stated, we follow the terms of the Official AFL Footy Tipping. They can be viewed here. 

We also follow the game guidelines and scoring system of the Official AFL Footy tipping. They can be viewed here. 


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