Baz Project

Schizophrenia Research Project

Recruiting for the Baz Project

Exploring the use of a novel hormone treatment as a safe adjunctive treatment for schizophrenia

Lead clinical investigator:
Professor Jayashri Kulkarni AM FAHMS
Associate investigators:
Professor Suresh Sundram, Dr Rachel Hill
Monash University and Alfred Health
Melbourne Australia

Professor Jayashri Kulkarni AM FAHMS

Head of Psychiatry Alfred Health and Monash University

Prof Suresh Sundram

Head, Dept. of Psychiatry, Monash University and Director of Research, Mental Health Programme, Monash Health

Dr Rachel Hill

Head of behavioural laboratory Monash University

Leading mental illness researchers Professor Jayashri Kulkarni AM FAHMS (Alfred Health and Monash University), Prof Suresh Sundram (Monash University) and Dr Rachel Hill (Monash University) have come together to address a complex mental illness - schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a debilitating and complex mental illness that affects approx.1 in 100 people (200,000 Australians). Medications currently used for schizophrenia have only modest and inconsistent effects.

They are currently running a study with the aim to improve the outcomes for women living with schizophrenia. They are inviting women 18-65 years old, with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and are stabilised on current therapy for at least 4 weeks, to take part in a 12-week study that is underway in Melbourne.

They are testing a novel hormone treatment, which we know from previous research to be safe and well-tolerated, for its efficacy in improving symptoms.

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