Tommy Frawley

Tommy Frawley is a loveable larrikan. 

A few years ago Tommy recognised that he wasn't feeling his normal self. He was experiencing quite significant mood swings, over indulging and generally out of sorts. His friends and family noticed before he did.

When he finally reached out for help, it kicked started his challenging journey of discovering what it is like to live with a diagnosis of Bipolar affected disorder.  

An amazing person who was inspired by his late uncle, the great Danney Frawley, Tommy undertook his first amateur boxing match on November 7th 2020 to raise funds for mental health research

Today, Tommy continues in Danny's footsteps to be a positive role model and  voice of change for people living with a complex mental illness.  

Tom is very quick to remind people that it "takes great strength and courage to 'put your hand up' and admit that something is not quite right upstairs. You are not alone. There is help out there." 

His top 10 tips for managing your mental health:

  1. You are not your diagnosis. 
  2. Own your mental health
  3. Don't mask your problems
  4. Be kind to your self & stop self sabotaging behaviours
  5. Ask the uncomfortable questions
  6. Spend time with the people you love who love you back
  7. Create your mental health team 
  8. Find the right psychologist/psychiatrist for you
  9. Don't be afraid of medication
  10. Invest in your holistic mental health